Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Get SPOOKED with karins cool and witchy layout >>>

Karin has joined our team >> but won some of my stuff on a competition!!!
And just whipped this up right now for me !!
I love it ..ready for halloween >>
Tags are from the : The 3 little P's package

Monday, October 6, 2008

Welcome our NEW Design Team Member >>> Fauve Van Maanen

> ** Who is she?*

I am Fauve van Maanen from The Netherlands

I have two kids from 3 and 1 called Julian and Maxim

Favourite scrap supply right now?
Non-scrap stuff,is still my favorite.I am also a huge paint addict!

What you Love?
I love my scrap friends,new scrap-goodies,inspiration from unexpected things,and lot's more...

What is ur favourite Colour?I think i have to go for yellow.It's my classic all time favorite color.

Who is ur scrapbooking idol right now ?I simply adore all the Amelie girls,they rock my world.

Welcome our New Design Team Member > Karin Kreijen

who is she? ; Karin Kreijen AKA MeXx
Family? ; i am married to Mich for such a long time and we got a
little boy called MeXx and is now 15months young, also we have to cats
Poekie and Dipsy. We live in a small village in the south of the
neterlands very quiet, i like that,, I work as a hairartist and have my
own company actually almost two one at home and one traveling..love to
make people happy and looking good and it is so creative the same as
scrapbooking i love it and to think out of the box,,, and go forward not
Favourite scrap supply right now? Well there been a lot of things i
like and want to try but that somethings are not avaible here in the
country .. love hambly..sassafras lass, elsie..,bampop,, kawaii stuf,
angie delarie stamps.. and not traditional scrapsupplies..
What you Love? : i love everything and everybody if it is with the good
intensence, love colourfull things and most of all i love this season of
the year fall , so colourful
What is ur favourite Colour? hmm i love many colours if they are bright
but yellow is one of my favorites at the time..
Who is ur scrapbooking idol right now ? are there are so many talented
girls who i love and my big inspiration but one of my favorite is lucy
because she makes wonderful work and she is a beauty because i met her
once but she is so sweet and funky love you...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Glenda's Skull book

Of course Glenda would do a Skull Book ..
I saw this book the other day !!
But bought the christmas pressies instead ..

Vanessa and Mr Donut Man ??

This is just tooo wicked ..always love how vanessa puts things together !!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lucy once again has blown me away!!!

Okay have a look at this little beauty. Wow!!...
Using my city limits stamp
I love it because it is soooo arty !!
Thanks Lucy..

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Get Ready for the most Arty > Gorgeous Layouts by the talented Glenda !!!

New to our design team >

Who is she? Glenda Tkalac
I am a wife (20 years married to John my high school sweetheart!), mother to 2 teens (feel my pain??) Michael and Paige and 2 fur babies (Sam and Skyler), I work full time but wish I could just make stuff full time!
What you love ? I love making stuff like layouts, mini albums, ATC's and art journal pages. I love The Goo Goo Dolls (ok slightly obsessed maybe!), baubles, purses, cool kicks, unicorns, mermaids, watching movies, shopping, taking pics, new art supplies and happy mail.
Favourite scrap supply right now!! Alpha stickers, stamping and of course patterned paper!!
What's ur favourite Colour? I seem to scrap using more brighter colors but when I mix it up and say do earth tones or more muted colors I love that too!! I love it all!!!

Glenda has done some layouts already that sooo rock !!!! And she is fast at producing them as well> if u ever see her on flickr > they come by the truck full!!
Love to know where she finds the time ???
Thanks for joining Glenda ...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Welcome Back !!

Roberta has been on holidays to london and now she is back!!
Here she is in Camden Town in London ...
Just a photo to make us all jeleous and wish we too were there???

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Look at this !!!

To be honest i saw this and nearly fell of the chair in excitement!!!
Lucy just sent this to me and it just blew me away...
I so love her style >>
Stamps used Mr Toastie, Miss Mushy and City Limits
Thanks so much sweetie, U so ROCK!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Miss Susan Johannes!!! Is Back ...

Susan has produced this great layout as usual >>
If u dont know susan ..she lives here in Perth western Australia
And i was at a scrapbooking convention with her a couple of years
ago now and she is also on the SFTH design Team with me
Where i work part-time.!!!
She is adorable, funny and i love her stuff!!!

Vanessa Has News!!!

One of Vanessa's Layouts has just been published in the New
Magazine out called
" Entre Artists magazine
If u can go get it as i cant> go have a look !!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Birthday layouts are still coming in !!!

Thanks Lucy for this amazing layout with Spirit ..
Poor lucy still only has one stamp { Spirit }
And she has made soo many layouts with her already
Thanks sooo much lucy and more are coming ur way !!!

Nessa's Layout for my Birthday !!

Love these little girl characters ..and look how Spirit goes soo well with it !!
Amazing job nessa ..Sprit is on sale now on my etsy shop
www.angiedelarie.etsy.com right now ..for a short while longer !!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Charin's Layout

Thought id show u this ...how cute is it???
Using my tapes stamp
Thanks charin

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Come Meet Design Team Member Lucy

Lucy did the most amazing Layout using my stamp Spirit>>
As a guest designer on my website ..
But i loved her style soo much that i invited her to enjoy our design team
And whhaaalllaa...
She is here

Monday, June 30, 2008

July Design Team Member of The WEEK!!!

Congrats to Miss Leena
This lady is amazing and her work load is unbelievable right now.
But she still managed to make Miss Strawberry Milk!!
And on a business trip she took photo's of her and Miss Strawberry Milk
at the resturant.
Leena is the best and she is ohhh soo adorable
And a Big Hug goes her way ...

June Design Team Member of the WEEK!!!

Design Team member of the week
Roberta has amazed me with these great
layouts she has produced soo quickly !!
She was invited to be on my team only a
short while ago ( say two weeks ago)
because her work is absoloutly sooo arty
that i soo had to grab her up !!!
And in that short time frame, she has
done two fantastic layouts for me already ..
She is on a roll!!! And I'm loving every minute of it ..
just seeing what she comes up next and all those
cute little embelishments??
Soo round off applause to Roberta ( che bello)!! he he

Feel like being Scared. Grab a Skullie...STAMP!!

Come Meet Design Team Member > Charin Reed

Who is She? Charin Reed. Hi :)
Family? My husband Kevin and our beautiful and sweet baby girl, Katie Shae
Favourite scrap supply right now? I can't pick just one! :) I am loving everything by Love, Elsie. I love the sunshine and Lollipops line by Sassafras Lass and I have been having so much fun playing with Angie's stamps! :)
What you Love? All things girly, bright and beautiful :) I love the movie Amelie, changing seasons, laughs, good movies, friendships, colors, getting paint all over my hands, new scrapbook supplies, snuggly blankets, music, baby kisses, kind words, taking pictures, and dancing.
What is ur favourite Colour? Pink :)

Come Meet Design Team Member > Jennifer Parrnelli

Who is she?
Jennifer Parrnelli
i am jenniferp, but everyone else calls me jp, so you can too! ive been called worse! ive been doing this scrapbooking thing for almost 11 years, and i just love it more and more everyday.
i am mom to dakotah who is quite possibly the cutest ever! everything i do is for her. im totally in love with chris. we just got engaged. he has two kiddos. i have one. not quite the brady bunch, but close....we are moving into our fabulous new house soon where i will have my very own artist's studio. that should be amazing!!! im not your typical soccer mom. i do take the kid to dance recitals, and soccer practice, but thats not what defines me. just a small part of me.
What you Love? I love to have fun. i love to quote movies randomly. i love flickr. i love bright things. and i love color. im on the pta. i love tattoos and piercings. i hate drama. i love to shop for fun, vintage clothes. i love rascal flatts. i heart forever21. if you don't like me or what i do, i don't let it bother me. there's the door. hope you know how to use it. i believe that navy blue nail polish is the next big thing. coke is greatest soft drink ever. i listen to country music. my online friends are cooler than your online friends. i believe that life is short, so you should just do you. and i just am lovin' life right now.
Favourite scrap supply right now?
hmmm...that's tough. i really have a huge crush on anything bampop right now. i love elsie of course. who doesn't. if its bright, fun, and funky. i will rock it. the dozens kit is superly fabulous as well.
What's ur favourite Colour?
if its bright. i love it. i don't discriminate.

Come Meet Design Team Member > Roberta Gallotti

Who is She?
Roberta Gallotti aka Ladybastard ;)
Mum, Dad big Sister
What you love ? I love photography, Harajuku girls, mangas, Japan, tattoos, piercing, animals, vegan cupcakes ;)
Favourite scrap supply right now?
What is ur favourite Colour? OF COURSE PINK ^_^

Come Meet Design Team Member > Vanessa Colant

Name ? vanessa colant but everybody call me Nessa
Family ? I’m a mummy of 2 little boys of 1 and 3 years old…I’m in love with their father since 2002…. We all live together in belgium with lots of love J
Favourite products? Bam pop, love elsie, sassafras lass, pink paisley, angie delarie’s stamps, and all the kawaii stationary
Favourite colours ? pink and turquoise

Come Meet Design Team Member > Susan Johannes

Name ? Sue Johannes
Family? I have been married to Wayne for 14 years and have 3 girls Alyssa (9), Ashleigh (7)and Jade (7). We also have one little Burmese cat (who thinks she is a dog) called Honey. I used to work as a pharmacist full-time but now I only work 5 hours a week.
What you love ? Chocolate!! My kids of course. Did I say chocolate? Bright colours. Animals.
Favourite scrap supply right now? Hambly. Sassafras Lass. Glimmermist. Bam Pop. Material!
What is ur favourite colour? Hmmmm….I love green. I wear heaps of green but I like to scrap with all of the colours of the rainbow. Bright colours make me happy.

Come Meet Design Team Member > Bekka Bess

Who is she? Bekka Bess
I am a Technology Education teacher, grades 9-12. This is my 5th year of teaching. I love to scrapbook in my spare time. I've been scrapping for about 3 years.
Family ? I have been married to my husband, Mike (also a high school teacher), for almost 4 years. We have a cat named Lola (I found in my classroom last November when she was just 3-weeks old!)
What you love ? My relationship with God, my familly, spending time with my hubby, playing with Lola, friends, grading homework (j/k), Indian food, scrapbooking, The Office (BBC and NBC versions), weekends, Spring, a clean apartment, mail addressed to me that isn't asking for money, buttons, blogging...
Favourite scrap supply right now!! Alpha stickers. I stopped using them for awhile when I stamped all my letters, but now I have a thing for Thickers and Doodlebug alphas.
What's ur favourite Colour? At the moment, I like bright colors - pinks, yellows, greens, and oranges. But next week I might like earthtones, though. It's always changing

Come Meet Design Team Member > Leena Loh

Who is she? Leena Loh
Family? I'm a mother of a 4 year old boy, Ethan and I'm married
to by bestest friend, Rainer for 7 years.
I have 2 lovely dogs name Belle and Piggie.
I got into scrapbooking about a year ago.
I never knew scrapbooking can be so addictive and
it has changed my life completely.
What you Love? I'm a paper hoader and I am simply in
love with them.
I'm crazy about chipboards and glitters at this moment.
I feel the surge of happiness swept through me whenever
I finished a layout.
What's ur favourite colour? I love bright colors, they
just make me happy.
Magazines and beautiful advertisements inspire me.
Apart from scrapbooking, I love photography and reading

Come Meet Design Team Member >Silje Hagland!!

Who is she?
"I'm Silje, and I'm 23 years old. I'm from Norway, but I live in Kansas City with my husband, Zeke. I work at a tattoo shop, Kingpin tattoos. Its tons of fun, but I think I might like scrapbooking even more! haha.
What you Love?
I love to travel, take pictures and pretty much do whatever can be done to create everlasting memories with my friends and family <3>